Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Short Course
(April 1 - 4, 2019)

About Us

The Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Short Course will be taught by four most leading professors and researchers in these fields.
DR. DONALD HOUSER is the co-course organizer and will lecture on gear design, gear noise excitations, gear modeling, and the measurement of gear dynamics and gear noise. He is Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering and Founder of the Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Research Laboratory at Ohio State.  He has been active in gear dynamics research for over 45 years and has served as a consultant for numerous companies.  Dr. Houser is past Chairman of ASME's Power Transmission and Gearing Committee, past Chairman of ASME's Gear Noise Committee, a member of AGMA Noise Committee, and author of gear noise chapters in Gear Handbook (D. Townsend, editor) and Handbook of Noise & Vibration Control (M. Crocker, editor). 
DR. RAJENDRA SINGH is the course organizer and directs the Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory at Ohio State.  He is well recognized for research in geared system vibration and noise, bearing-casing dynamics, gear rattle analysis and nonlinear driveline dynamics (over the past 37 years at Ohio State).  He has published more than 500 articles, and is a fellow of ASME, ASA, SAE, and INCE/USA. He has received several national awards for both teaching and research.  Dr. Singh has developed and teaches an innovative graduate course sequence in automotive noise and vibration control in partnership with General Motors.  He has served as the President of the Institute of Noise Control Eng. in 2003.
DR. AHMET KAHRAMAN is the Winbigler Designated Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the Ohio State University. He is the Director of the Gear and Power Transmission Research Laboratory (GearLab). He also directs Pratt & Whitney Center of Excellence in Gearbox Technology. He received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State in 1990. He worked for General Motors for 10 years before moving to academia. His research focuses on several areas of power transmission and gearing including gear system design and analysis, gear and transmission dynamics, gear lubrication and efficiency, wear and fatigue life prediction, and test methodologies. He authored more than 200 papers on gear research. He was the past chairman of the ASME Power Transmission of Gearing (PTG) Committee and Chairman of the 2007 and 2009 ASME PTG Conferences. He was a former associate Editor of ASME Journal of Mechanical Design. He serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Sound and Vibration, and Journal of Multi-body Dynamics. He is a fellow of ASME.